Caritas Mariupol is a non-profit charitable organization, which is a part of the Caritas Ukraine network and the worldwide confederation of Caritas Internationalis organizations. Caritas Mariupol was founded in August 2015.

Our aim is to provide social assistance and support to the neediest population of Ukraine regardless of their nationality or religion.

Our mission is to develop the tradition of charitable activities and social work based on Christian moral and ethical values.

Currently, the Caritas specialists are working on about 10 social and humanitarian projects with the support of international charities and ministries of development of many European countries.

The Caritas Mariupol team consists of more than 60 employees and about 30 volunteers, who help us to implement projects and social initiatives.

The activity of the organization is based on social service, the work is conducted exclusively in accordance with international humanitarian standards.

Caritas Mariupol operates in the buffer zone of the Donetsk region, from Avdiivka to Mariupol and its adjacent areas.

Kinds of activity in Caritas Mariupol:

  • Charity dining rooms
  • Humanitarian aid in the buffer zone
  • Social care
  • Volunteering
  • Medical support
  • Legal support
  • Home care
  • Outreach (publication of a newsletter)
  • Psychosocial support
  • Cohesion of communities and initiative groups
  • Crisis intervention
  • Centre for Children and Youth
  • Inclusion
  • Business school and employment
  • Peacebuilding
  • Lobbying the interests of communities and initiative groups
  • Provision of access to water supply in the buffer zone