The main kinds of activity in Caritas Mariupol:

We help people to handle emergency life situations, get a job, start a business.

Humanitarian aid

We supply basic needs to the residents of the buffer zone in the Donetsk region. Specifically, we provide medical, humanitarian, and psychosocial help.

Charity dining rooms

The aim of the project is to serve hot meals for its visitors, which allows them to save money for other needs and maintain their standard of living.

Social care

We implement home care standards among rural residents. In order to do so, we train professional carers and offer them a financial inducement for taking care of the people in need living nearby.

Community development centre

We manage a multifunctional social centre for solving problematic situations. The project provides services of a Crisis Centre, case managers, and facilitators.

Development and support of business initiatives

We assist people to find a job, become self-employed, or start a business by organising consultations, trainings, seminars, and master classes.


We publish a free newsletter HROMADA Skhid with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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